3rd annual Kaiju Pittsburgh Trip... go!

This year I drove to Pittsburgh, which is a change. I usually pop for the one hour flight out of Boston, and stop in at every bar between the house and the venue, (which also has a bar). This year Erica and I hit the 9 hour drive together, and met my usual Pittsburgh partner and the rest of the team, at the venue. Totally different trip. We caught Cirque Du Soliel, stayed in nice hotels and made a weekend of it.

The Byham theatre is one we’ve been to before, so I pretty much knew what to expect. It’s got three backstage floors full of dressing rooms, so everyone has enough space to move. The union crew puts together the ring. There are four battens of lights above, because we’re in a real theatre, and there is a trained lighting specialist to light the show. The audio guy uses a tablet as he walks around the club, to tweak the sound. It’s a great place to do a show.

Condado Tacos after, were delicious as always. The manager who was a big fan the first time we went comped us tons of food and drinks. He “…used to watch Kaiju on TV all the time in high school!”. It’s been a Pittsburgh staple for me ever since. I love the meal after with my kaiju fam. It was good sitting next to Randy and Erica and Finally eating after a long day and action packed show.

Color Palette- ?

This is what happens when you push that small town red together with the soft cerulean sky I’ve been jamming on this season. Take 2 on spring in the Northeast. An early spring evergreen look with flush Maroon Alizarin pop.

These schemes are inspired by seasonal flowering and local traditional farm architecture color palettes. Spent the day touring the neighborhood in search of early spring happenings. We stopped and got some seasonal shots to make a small town USA themed Memorial day palette. I tried a few colors, and wanted to shout out to this small town patriotism feeling without grossing everyone out. It feels homey.