Andy Bell

Photo by Travis Lynn

I’m Andy Bell- a mixed media artist from Western Mass. I teach sculpture, stagecraft and drawing in a high school full time. I also work a variety of art related jobs outside of the classroom. I’m the studio assistant to deceased modern artist John Stritch, archiving and maintaining his work. I’m also a production artist for touring performance art group Kaiju Big Battel, where I maintain costumes and stage-manage live performances.

My life is brimming full with creative projects and human connection. As a lover of modern and contemporary art, I try to leave a trail of color in my wake, inspiring young people and enriching the lives of those who enjoy my work. I’m so happy to say that many of my former students are young professional artists continuing the rich tradition of sparking and spreading creative joy. It’s a takeover.

Shoot me an email or come see me on the road with Kaiju. I love going new places, and being with other artists and creative fun loving beings!